Mica Insulated Nozzle Heater With Special Cable Connection

Used in the nozzles on injection molding machines, input of manifolds and various applications.

These more productive barrel nozzle heaters, which have waterproof propperty, have to be mounted tigthly to the tips and worked with remote controller.

Available with different cable lengths and lead exits.

Technical Specification  
Diameter :  Min. Ø30mm Max. Ø80mm
Length:  Min 22mm Max. 150mm
Voltage: 230/400 V
Wattage : Max. 3,5 -4,5 W/cm²
Working Temperature:  350 °C
Housing Material: Stainless Steel or Aluminised Sheet
Insulation Material:  800-1000 °C Mikanite
Resistance Winding Wire:  60/15 NiCr 1200°C 
Energy Connection :  Ni GLS Cable Resistant to 400ºC or plug sockets