Ceramic Flat Heater

It is generally used by assembling into hot welding molds of food packaging machines.

These ceramic insulated plate resistors can be tested and run idle. They are long-life in-plate plate heaters, which can obtain surface efficiency up to 950 ° C in welding mirrors, and get high efficiency in hot bonding welding presses. 

It is produced according customer's demand. 

Technical Specification  
Width :  Min. 40mm - Max 400mm
Length:  Min 50mm- Max 1200mm
Voltage: 230/400 V
Wattage : Max. 6,5 W/cm²
Wall Thickness: 9mm
Working Temperature:  550 °C
Insulation Material:  Max. 1200°C Steatit
Resistance Winding Wire:  80/20 NiCr 1200°C 
Energy Connection :  Ni GLS Cable Resistant to 400ºC