HOTSET Hotrod Cartridge Heater

High Wattage Cartridge Heater

High Watt Density cartridge heaters are designed as high efficiency and long-lasting cartridge heaters for use  in the processing and production of plastic raw materials, extruder machines, plastic and packaging industry, shoes industry.

The power to be applied to the surface in these heaters is max. 15-20 cm2 / watt.

These resistances cannot be tested idle. It must be installed and operated in a way to ensure heat transfer.

Technical Specification  
Sheath Material: Stainless steel 1.4302
Resistance winding wire:  80/20 NiCr 1200°C 
Max. Sheath temperature: 750°C 
Max. Volt: 480V
Watt tolerance: ±10%
High voltage test: 1500V
Insulation resistance: ≥ 5 MΩ at 500V 
Connection Types: straight exit, 90° exit, exit with thread nipple, exit with flange, Cube elbow exit
Thermocouple Options: J, K and PT100
Cable options: Nickel Cable, Silicone cable, PTFE cable, Metal braiding cable, Metal sleeve