Double Layer Aluminum Cooling Seperator Max. 450C°

Air cooling heaters are mainly used in extruder and recyling machines.

In some cases, it is also used for the processing of PVC or similar materials in injection molding machines. This heater is designed with a specially designed aluminum separator  in order to provide high efficiency cooling of the machine and there is heat insulation in the cover which provides energy saving. it is recommended to be used especially in areas where high cooling is required due to narrow width. 

It is produced according customer's demand. 

Technical Specification  
Diameter:  Min. 80mm - Max 600mm
Length: Min 120mm- Max 800mm
The width of each band 30mm
Height of cover: 60mm
Cover Shape: Round
Watt:  Max. 6,5W/cm²
Max. Working Temperature: 400 °C
Housing material:  Stainless steel or aluminised sheet
Insulation material: Max 1200  °C Steatit 
Resistance winding wire:  80/20 NiCr 1200°C 
Energy Connection: Ni GLS cable resistant to 400°C and  connection box