Mika Insulated In-Mold Band Heater

It is designed to be monted on the inside of the molds of extruder pipe machines for processing and making plastic raw materials. 

This heater cannot be tested idle. In order to operate, it must be installed in such a way that heat transfer is ensured.

It is produced according customer's demand.


Technical Specification  
Diameter :  Min. Ø50mm 
Length:  Min 50mm
Voltage: 230/400 V
Wattage : Max. 3,5 W/cm²
Wall Thickness: 4mm
Working Temperature:  300 °C
Housing Material: Stainless Steel or Aluminised Sheet
Insulation Material:  800-1000 °C Mikanite
Resistance Winding Wire:  60/15 NiCr 1200°C 
Energy Connection :  Ni GLS Cable Resistant to 400ºC or plug sockets